Some Language & Communication Issues I Can Solve For You!

Are you a company rapidly expanding in global markets?

  • Do you and your sales teams need to hit the ground running?
  • Are their English communication skills fit for purpose? Is relationship building key to their conversations?
  • Could they benefit from role-specific language coaching with someone from a technical background?

Are You Hiring Key Talent?

  • Can you be confident that their language competence for this role is sufficient?
  • Are you an Irish company hiring from abroad? Is your onboarding missing an opportunity for integration of non-native English speakers?

Are Your Project Teams Working Interculturally?

  • Is there a focus on all three competencies for good communication: language proficiency; soft skills; intercultural engagement?
  • Are furloughed or remote workers suffering isolation and disengagement?

Looking for an easy-to-access Training Process?

  • Are staff buy-in or availability sometimes issues re langauge training?
  • Does your current training process include blended learning (eLearning, adaptive learning, coaching)?

Do You Wish To Foster A Culture Of Diversity and Inclusion In Your Organisation?

Slide One-to-One Training Group Training