Hi! I'm Mary


Why Choose Me As Your Personal English Coach?

I have a unique skills set, I am a skilled communicator and have 30+ years of experience in the Corporate English Training world

I am a dedicated coach who thrives on seeing learners progress quickly. This is why I’ve developed uniquely efficient processes and tools to support highly motivated learners and it is my pleasure to share them with you!

As someone who lives to learn, I have always been eager to creatively use my knowledge, skills, and experience in new contexts. I took on a major Project in 2004; manage my own house build. People thought I was crazy! I think it takes courage to do things a little differently. 

I started out in life with 2 key qualifications: a Computer Engineering Diploma and a Higher Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language (Trinity College London). Since then I’ve been engaged continuously in learning (philosophy, interior design, AutoCAD, Train the Trainer, Business Technologies) and loving it.

During my time with the reputable Nations Business Communications Training in Cork, I have trained hundreds of company executives and experts in business and special purpose English to the highest standards. These are standards I’m proud to uphold.

Wearing my new entrepreneurial hat, I set up English for Professionals in 2011, delivering a best-in-class training experience flexibly via live video link, a concept that has now perhaps found its moment! 

How I Work

To be really effective in an intercultural context, to have impact, you need to know how to understand and use the language in the way fluent/ native speakers and good communicators do.  Coaching in these skills is what I do.

My proven expertise is in working flexibly with clients to make step-by-step concrete, measurable improvements in their specific business interactions. This training is not about tips and tricks (although there are some of those!). It’s about transforming  English communication.  I work one-to-one with trainees, taking them through the challenges they meet, setting them up with the necessary tools to develop their individual communication style for greatest impact in their corner of the business world.

Together with experts in the fields of Cross Cultural Awareness and Diversity and Inclusion, I also provide a rich, comprehensive training offering to groups and one-to-one in communication best practice for today’s business world.

Experts I collaborate with


Olive Timmins
Intercultural Trainer and Relocation Consultant

As founder of Celtic Relocations, Olive has over 20 years experience of delivering workshops and insights on ‘Irish Culture’ and ‘Business Etiquette in Ireland’ to expatriate business executives and their families. She has a strong background in business and has been frequently engaged by blue chip multi-national corporations to maximise the effectiveness of executive transferees and their families.

Olive has conducted research into the effects of relocation on family and spouses and has had many years of directly creating positive responses to cultural change. She is, at present, a director of Progressive Business Excellence.


Clare Kennelly Managing Director of Inclusive World Training

She is a registered teacher with the Teaching Council with 30 years of eclectic and innovative training experience. Clare is vision impaired and is personally and professionally passionate about disability employment, authentic inclusion, and universal design. 

Inclusive World   is a Diversity and Inclusion training provider.  We specialize in Disability Business Inclusion. We offer unique, experiential Disability and Inclusion training including; Equality legislation, disability etiquette, empathy training, assistive technology, universal design, recruitment, retention of talent, onboarding, executive coaching…

Disability Confidence training improves the employee/customer experience and impacts outcomes. We strive to build authentic inclusion that leaves no one behind.


What We Value