Build your fluency- Start thinking in English!

Stand-alone Module -10 hrs (1 or 2 weeks) €375

You may know someone who doesn’t have a wide knowledge of English but who can continue a conversation fluently.  What is their secret?  Thinking in English is the key to fluency and this module takes you through the 3 main steps in mastering this skill.

Many speakers at Intermediate level and sometimes higher translate their message word by word from their first language when speaking. This slows down communication, creates hesitation and uncertainty and results in unnatural English sentences.

The secret is using smaller parts of meaning that are easier to ‘think in English’, and then combining them to express a single idea. This is called ‘chunking’- there are typically three chunks per idea (or sentence). For example, one chunk could be a signal phrase like ‘to be honest’ or ‘for example’ because these phrases contain complete information about the attitude or intention of the speaker. You will learn more about signal phrases in this module, as well as other phrases used in natural English.

In this module you will learn how to structure your sentences so that they are more natural sounding, more concise and more impactful. If you learn to apply the chunking principle, you are well on the road to thinking in English.

You will learn new everyday phrases, new sentence structures, key signal words and you will be able to give a short unprepared talk with a good level of fluency at the end of the module.

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