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Olavo Xavier

Business Intelligence Expert
Mary is a lovely teacher! The best I ever had. Like I mentioned to her, taking her classes were game-changing in my English.

Christiane Neuhof

Occupational Therapist
Mary was my teacher for 2 weeks in Cork, Ireland. My English level is not high and I was translating a lot from German. But Mary helped me to understand how 'real English' works and she gave me very good exercises so I can think in English more and avoid 'Germish'! It was an intensive training and now I feel sure I have the right way to continue my learning.

Camille Cardon

International Business Masters student
I’m studying in business school. I started English classes with Mary because my goal was to pass the exam of TOIEC. Through Mary, I succeeded to improve my English level. We worked on pronunciation so I have a better understanding of natural speech. The varied exercises and methods, they allowed me to think in English when I speak or I write. Moreover, Mary's English classes are adapted at each person. She analyses our weak points and we work on that. Mary is patient and a inspiring teacher.

Danilo Colnaghi

Head of Western MEA VSO at Google
Mary has been helping me for few months in getting my oral/written English to a next level. In the past I tried different types of English lessons but I've never found big improvements in my English daily life. Mary has been able to personalize her lessons to answer to my biggest needs/lacks; she's helping me a lot and also my colleagues have seen big improvements in my English level over the past few months. She's really proactive, energetic and she lets you really engaged during her lessons. I highly recommend as business English coach and also as general English teacher.

Xavier Brossat

Research Engineer
I am a research engineer in a large French company operating in the energy sector. I always had a lot of difficulty learning English and (this) has become more and more of an issue in my professional life. I have had the opportunity to have Mary Looby as my Business English trainer on several occasions for immersion training in Cork. Mary has helped me overcome my problems with English. She analyzed those problems and gave me very specific and pertinent recommendations which have allowed me to improve my English. I sincerely thank her for her high quality training, her commitment and her creativity