Improve Your Pronunciation

Stand-alone Module -12 hrs (2 weeks) €490

Study and master the English Sound System to be sure your accent is not too strong, your pronunciation is clear and supports your meaning.

In spoken English, the message is carried by both the words themselves and the way they are spoken, you cannot really separate the two. This is the case in many languages but each has its own unique sound system. This module brings together the most important elements of sound you will need so that your words are clear, your sentences are not overly accented and your message is carried effectively by the ‘music’ of English.

We start with an evaluation of your pronunciation skills and build on gaps in key areas of the sound system. These areas include: individual vowel sounds in English vs in your language; stress patterns in words; linking between words for greater flow of sound; how stress patterns convey meaning when we speak. Very often the message is lost because the speaker pays a lot of attention to how the idea is structured not enough attention to making the right sounds because of interference from their mother tongue   

In this module you will get lots of easy-to-use audio material to help you change some of your pronunciation bad habits during sessions but most especially to support you in your offline work. Changing pronunciation, a habit of a lifetime, can be challenging. However, understanding how the English Sound System works vs your own, as well as step-by-step expert guidance through carefully designed exercises will ensure your success.

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