Understand Fluent English Speakers

If you work with multicultural teams, you’ve probably seen the problem where a native speaker’s natural speech is too fast or complex for some team members who are second language speakers.

Key elements in improving your understanding of natural spoken English are: learning more about the unique English Sound System, knowing where to listen for key information and understanding the ‘chunking’ principle (read more here) of natural speech. Of course you will also need a knowledge of natural expressions used by native speakers in your area of interest.

The youtube clip shows some examples of ‘listening differently’ in order to improve understanding. 


In these modules you will study several ways to ‘listen differently’.  You will also learn common signal phrases and how to use key speech patterns of the English Sound System to help you understand natural speech, as well as where to find natural expressions to add to your stock.

Intensive Coaching

In-depth evaluation of current level of listening comprehension and issues + one-to-one intensive coaching over 12 hrs during 2/3 weeks


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eLearning: Self-access Course

This course is designed for self-access so you can follow the material and complete the exercises at a time and a pace that suits you. It instructs you in 3 key fluency processes using simple step-by-step lessons with exercises at different levels of ability.  It also includes 1 hour of individual coaching which you can book at your convenience.