Communicate Across Cultures

Stand-alone Module -12 hrs (2/3 weeks) €470

Good Communication is about understanding your audience and their expectations. If you’re having difficulty with conversations, meetings or building relationships with English first language speakers, read on. It may not be so much about specific language issues but more a style of communication issue. Different cultures have different values or norms concerning how best to express yourself in the language of that culture. For example, Italians are not bothered by the number of words you use to express something whereas English speakers value word efficiency.

Another key element of good English communication when presenting information or ideas is a top-down approach. This is particularly relevant in technical presentations. Many learners tend to jump straight into the detail without sufficient lead-in. In English, we tend to start with a more general description or overview (I call this the ‘zoom out’ section) and then move into the more technical detail (zoom in). The problem for some learners is switching between the ‘soft’ language of overview and the technical language of detail.

In this module you will study and use these and other Best Practice Principles for English Communication, with reference to key differences from your own first language. Included in the module is 3hrs coaching with a Cultural Awareness Expert from the relocation industry.

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