One of our clients is a global player in the Business Intelligence market. Recently I coached one of their BI experts who needed to develop language skills for dealing with customers and project managers in Dublin.  Key to his role is engaging confidently with customers to develop a relationship and build an accurate picture of their BI requirements. Key challenges for the second language speaker here are: using natural, friendly language to connect well with the customer; showing competence and flexibility when eliciting key information (we identified several key communication skills to be targeted in training like ‘artful querying’).

During training over 2 weeks, one of the tools I used was to work closely with our expert on specific conversations with customers, developing templates with typical expressions and questioning structures needed. Our expert quickly transferred this language to his real situations, immediately gaining confidence himself and building customer confidence.

What a Business Intelligence expert says about the training:

Monia Capurso, Client Solutions, Dublin

It was hard work but now I am more confident that I am able to get all correct information about requirements of my customer and explain technical parts efficiently, so it is easier to build relationships too. The best thing in the training was we created real conversations that I am able to use again as a base when I am meeting with my customer. I was surprised that it worked very well doing the training with Webinar.

What our client says:

Shemas Eivers    Managing Partner Client Solutions

In partnering with Mary for the delivery of training to customer support staff, her easy rapport, depth of analysis and smart problem-solving approach stand out. She brings a rich and very dynamic training experience through online technologies. Mary has brought tangible results in terms of performance in key customer support functions and I have no hesitation in recommending her to any organisation.